The Bubble Project is visionary and will  include collections of great liveliness as Bubbles do ,and perhaps inflated speculation, delusions and a lack of firmness, only you can be the judge.

The Bubble Project is really for anyone who has ever questioned changing direction in their lives,  but wasn’t  sure where to start or what part of their life they really wanted to  change ? Often , we will acknowledge to our self early on that, something just doesn’t feel right or you have a ” gut feeling” ,or you feel like your  bubble is about to burst open and  or shrivel up and you will lose control.

Starting from December 1st ,the Bubble Project is really all about sharing tips, lessons and stories about what I learned and tried along the way to help me with a range of decisions to change different parts of my life, and looking at how what others have tried  and their stories. I  hope they provide insight and reflection into your own journeys . From using simple tools, using philosophy , and collecting evidence, and looking sharing stories  i hope to expand the Knowledge Bubble with you.It is important to understand how we look at  going about identifying  problems , and what processes we use in our decision making, and who and what might influence these processes.Identifying your good and not so good habits will be useful as well as concrete actions from the Bubble Project  to boost your confidence,  and keep your bubble more lively.

As  you head towards either a  new , reshaped ,or different direction , where you are able to feel more in control and happy , the Bubble project will also share articles where others have made changes to their lives . Change is  normal and natural part of life , it is how we respond to change that can burst your bubble.We can all learn to respond differently to change ,to ensure our bubble shows great liveliness and vision.